Hybrid Events

Redefining Virtual events

UJ Library engagement in 2021 will be a mixture of well-designed event experiences that have engagement moments built into the event itself and a virtual event platform that is able to deliver those engagement moments for both online and onsite audiences.

As a result, we plan to look at our plans when it comes to delivering engaging events and conferences. Working on different formats online and offline, hybrid interaction and engage audiences differently on different levels.

Hybrid Events

When it comes to hybrid events, which is an engagement space that is virtual and physical. Hybrid events have become popular for conference engagement whilst remote working is still a global trend. This platform focuses on bringing the live and virtual experiences together in one space

Advantage of Hybrid Events

  • Increased reach & attendance
  • Higher engagement with your audience
  • Limited networking interaction
  • Reduced event costs
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • Address the changing needs of your audience

Our UJ library venue, Nadine Gordimer has been reimaged and redesigned to bring you a meaningful experience within the virtual space.

What this experience will provide:

  • Offer one-to-one meetings and networking
  • Live attendance
  • Content on demand
  • Instant Feedback to measure experiences
Safety first for Hybrid Events

COVID-19 Health & Safety protocol and measures will be strictly adhered to:

  • Social distancing at all times, and especially indoors
  • Mask wearing at all times
  • Seated, socially distanced, and potentially staggered meal times
  • Ventilation that is up to date
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at all times
  • The use of ushers to direct attendees and ensure compliance with the rules at all times
  • Onsite temperature checks will be done upon entry
Hybrid Conference Package

Platform: Zoom Webinar/ Meeting


  • Consultation meeting
  • Physical and virtual Programme: clear guidelines for virtual and physical attendees (Should be shared 5 days before the event)
  • Live Polling – Polling question to be submitted a week before the event (on request)
  • Breakaways – programme for the breakaway session to be submitted a week before the event (on request)
  • Supply music before and after event (on request)
  • Graphic Design Invitation
  • Virtual Background Design (On request)
  • Share invite on internal Library database
  • Share invite on all social media platform
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Dry-run: Zoom etiquette and curation
  • Venues
  • Tech Director (camera switches, shots and coordination)
  • Arrange A/V equipment, registration set-up, parking, venue signage
  • Coordinate with event suppliers (catering, equipment, etc.).
  • Manage event day set up and execution.
  • Create online registration page / RSVP on the Zoom platform (On request)


  • Dry-run: curation and allocate roles and responsibilities (2 hour before the event)
  • Assist with all technical detail 2 hours before event.
    L – Lighting
    A – Audio
    M – Me (My camera angle)
    B – Background
    S – Speed Test (Bandwidth/ Connectivity)
  • Supply music before and after event (on request)
  • Facebook Live streaming (on request)
  • Play videos during breaks
  • Conference/event will be recorded
  • Managing logistics for catering purpose
  • Manage Live Polling questions
  • Manage breakaway rooms


  • Participants/Attendees Report (on request)
  • Q & A Report (on request)
  • Editing of recording – cost to be cover by client
  • Upload to Library YouTube channel
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